Dienstag, 30. August 2011

OC Mi Sketch

This is the bigger sized picture I was working on, the last days.
It shows my OC Mi =D She's a mermaid.
This picture is already done. Look forward to see the colored version =3
I had to scan it from my sketchbook that's why it looks so weird on the
right side. ^^

Montag, 22. August 2011

Cute hunting - Kemonomimi STA Tiger

This is my first real kemonomimi =D (If you ignore my catgirls), done some days ago. Two other Kemonomimi will follow, I already have some ideas for them, but I knew I had to make a tiger =D It should be a cute one, which is hunting in the savanna =D Hope you like it. It also became my new avatar <3

Here's a rough sketch:

And this is the finished ACEO:

Oh - the yellow's hating me! The original is really bright and soft - this one is so dark and orange x.x

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Baby Tiger Wip

by Mi-Saki

I just fell in love with tigers! I just feel bad when I read  things like: "This century we have lost 97% of our wild tigers." or "With as few as 3200 remaining [...] (Source: WWF - Tiger facts & future)

The original photograph is taken by woxys on DeviantArt - http://woxys.deviantart.com/#/d467xls 

Happy Birthday Teruha

Alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag, hiermit möchte ich dir eine kleine Freude bereiten =D Ein kleines Geschenk für dich =D
Mach dir einen wunderschönen Tag und lass dich reichlich beschenken =D 
Alles Gute <3

Ich hoffe sie gefällt dir ein bisschen >///< Und wie immer, ist der Scan von den Farben her etwas arg verfälscht. 

Montag, 15. August 2011

Puella Magi Set - Altogether

And here they are, altogether =D I just wanted to show you the result of the last two months - of how they look as a complete set ^^ 

Mami Tomoe

Here's the last ACEO for YueYuki =D
Mami Tomoe ^^ One of my favorite characters. YueYuki likes Mami together with Charlotte (i saw it on her animexx website) so I decided to draw these two together ^^ 
I hope she'll like her =D Now I am done with the Set *_* It was so much fun ^^

YueYuki once said she likes the way I draw the faces - so I made a full view of the faces with every card =D I am so happy about these words ^^ Thank you so much, dear YueYuki ^^

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Homura Akemi

Here's the next ACEO for YueYuki =D I hope you'll like her? If not, I would make a new one of course ^^- Maybe it is a little bit boring? What do you think?

Sonntag, 7. August 2011

ACEO Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood =D I fell in love with the harry potter series so badly, again. Somehow I really like Lunas character ^^

Ich verlose diese Karte auf Animexx.de =D Vielleicht möchte der ein oder andere sein Glück versuchen? ^^